The Grand AI Ethics Panel - Superstars of AI Ethics in Turku

Welcome to the Grand AI Ethics Panel! The Panel gathers the best professionals - the superstars -  of AI ethics.

The panel will be an intensive, in-depth discussion on various topics of AI ethics. The most-recognized professionals of the field and as the chair, the skillful and legendary prof. Juha Räikkä.

The registration for the event will open approx. two weeks before the event. Be quick, the space will be limited. Follow the event of Turku AI Week for the further information.

Location: Sparkup Turku, Electrocity. Tykistökatu 4 b.
Time: February 6th. Starting at 18:00.

Chair, professor Juha Räikkä, filosofia, University of Turku

Michael Laakasuo, cognitive science, lead of Moralities of Intelligent Machines
Kaj Sotala, computer science, Foundational Research Institute
Valtteri Arstila, philosophy, Turku Institute of the Advanced Studies
Eeva-Mari Virtanen, social ethics, University of Helsinki
Kai Kimppa, information technology ethics, Turku School of Economics​
Lilja Tamminen, digitalisation research