Spring 2018

January 2018

9.1. Tuesday Talks: AI and Law

February 2018

6.-11.2.2018 Turku AI Week
9.-11.2.2018 National Seminar of Theoretical AI

May 2018

15.5.2018 AI & Society Meetup: Pre-Bostrom, what's up AGI?

Autumn 2018

Workshops for practical AI ethics (Turku, Helsinki, Tampere)


The number of attendees in our discussion sessions (Tuesday Talks) is very limited due to the conversational nature. If you're interested in the topic, we ask you to contact us beforehand via our contact form.

Interested in presenting a topic at Tuesday Talks? We would love to hear from you - contact us!


Past events

October 2017

31th - Tuesday Talks: Introduction, why to research AI? 

November 2017

13th - Understanding AI technology: Machine learning

21th - Tuesday Talks: AI Ethics, please apply through contact form 

December 2017

12th - Tuesday Talks: Caring as a concept. Can AI and robots care for other beings?