Autumn 2018

August-September 2018

Internal meetings every Wednesday

October 2018

3.10. - AI & Design - How is AI going to change design? How to design AI?
11.-12.10. Seminar of technology ethics, by Future Ethics UTU
25.10. - Half-yearly AGI discussion 
30.10. Understanding AI, part II

November 2018

21.-22.11. Robots Week in Turku, by Turku AMK & Suomen Robotiikkayhdistys ry
22.11. Robot and AI ethics: Dialogue between Europe and East Asia, by Centre for East Asian Studies 

December 2018


In addition to the listed events, we will have 1) meetings of our first reading group 2) hopefully The Night of AI Research at UTU for researcher networking.

Interested in participating? We would love to hear from you - contact us!

Past events

October 2017

31th - Tuesday Talks: Introduction, why to research AI? 

November 2017

13th - Understanding AI technology: Machine learning

21th - Tuesday Talks: AI Ethics, please apply through contact form 

December 2017

12th - Tuesday Talks: Caring as a concept. Can AI and robots care for other beings? 

January 2018

9.1. Tuesday Talks: AI and Law

February 2018

6.-11.2.2018 Turku AI Week
9.-11.2.2018 National Seminar of Theoretical AI

May 2018

15.5.2018 AI & Society Meetup: Pre-Bostrom, what's up AGI?